AirOfilm - your problem solver


Having trouble finding breathable packaging? Megaplast’s patented stretch film, Airofilm, the first of its kind, brings you one step closer to the future of breathable stretch films. Read on to find out why!

The AOF products are of high performance and can live up to your expectations no matter the scale of difficulty. AirOfilm is perfect for heated, chilled, wet and fumigated products as it solves moisture concentration problems.

What kinds of products can be packaged with AirOfilm? Those that need to breath! It is ideal for various load types (light or heavy), for machine & manual applications and for a wide range of markets such as food and beverages, pet food, pharmaceuticals, horticultural products, dairy products, fuels, agricultural and floral goods. Whatever your market, we’ve got you covered!

In addition to all the above, the AOF offers you a many more benefits:

It allows the load to breathe as it prevents condensation and eliminates moisture related problems. Strength combined with maximum aeration along with excellent holding force, guarantee your products are perfectly preserved. Furthermore, the AOF fully stabilizes the pallet in order to avoid carton box damages. But what about the cost? The AirOfilm vented stretch film minimizes packaging costs as wrapping a pallet is now cheaper than ever before! Last but not least, AirOfilm is 100% recyclable!

Megaplast offers two categories of AirOfilm perforated stretch film.

Pre-stretched Films

AirOfilm Standard for Machine Use

Airofilm Standard is ideal for superior applications. It combines maximum elongation while offering high tensile strength which ensures that the AirOFilm Standard vented pre-stretched film will effectively handle the heaviest of loads, assuring total load safety during transportation.

AirOfilm Standard Lite for Machine Use

The AirOFilm Standard Lite thin stretch film is excellent for lightweight products that need aeration. The vented standard light stretch film for wrap pallets, combines maximum elongation with performance, offering high tensile strength.

AirOfilm Standard for Manual Use

The AirOFilm Manual breathable hand pre-stretched film is suitable for products that require maximum aeration. Even the heaviest loads will remain secure during transportation.

AirOfilm Agri

Fruit and vegetables typically have high levels of water content and this makes them particularly sensitive to their environment. Unless they are transported under the right conditions, they can very easily and quickly deteriorate. Using AirOFilm Agri breathable stretch film for agricultural products, increases shelf life and ensures that this type of load arrives in top condition.

AirOfil Maxx

Are you always handling extremely heavy loads? If so, then you need something for extreme situations. And, here comes AirOfilm Maxx to save the day for loads in need of maximum aeration.

AirOfilm Flowra

What about flowers? For the floricultural market, Megaplast has designed a ventilated stretch film that prevents moisture from damaging the floricultural products. Thanks to its elasticity and thin film, the fragile load can be carefully transported.

AirOfilm Flowra Lite

This version of Flowra is our lightest, yet it still guarantees equally outstanding performance. This means less energy, less material, and less waste.

Power Stretchable Films

AirOfilm Stretch 100%-200%-250%

The AirOFilm stretchable vented stretch film is perfect for products wrapped on either semi or fully automatic wrappers that are fitted with power pre-stretching systems with pre-stretch 150, 200 and 250 stretching.

AirOFilm Stretch Lite

Perforated pre-stretched films 150, 200 and 250 stretching for light products

AirOFilm Stretch Lite is a stretchable and thin vented stretch film, perfect for situations where there is a buildup of condensation or moisture. It accommodates hot palletized goods like baked snacks, pasteurized products, breakfast cereals, pharmaceutical goods, pet foods as well as chilled or frozen products that require fast cooling after palletization, such as meat, fish, and frozen snacks.

Still, if you can’t decide which AirOfilm stretch film suits you best we are here to help you by providing you an AirOfilm online product selector in which you can easily enter the type of your product, its load weight and the method of application.

Should you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us via our Q&A form found here.