News about Stretch Wraps


When you come to think of it, Megaplast’s innovative stretch film is an excellent solution for pallet packaging that satisfies customers’ needs and demands for stretch film wrapping. It’s durable, exceptionally puncture resistant, designed according to Megaplast’s innovative approach which transforms polythene into fibers, increases tear resistance and guarantees pallet stability every single time. So, upgrading an already great product would be extremely hard, right? What opportunity could possibly be lurking for us to take advantage of and help us create an unpassable offering that would beat the high-quality standards of Fiber Film?

Eco-friendly & 100% recyclable stretch film – low CO2

Well, numerous opportunities. First and foremost, on par with Megaplast’s environmental sensibilities, we challenged ourselves to manufacture an eco-friendly product. Out of respect for the environment, our research and development team generated Fiber Film to be zero-waste and 100% recyclable. This way, we help our diverse group of customers fulfill their pallet wrapping needs without compromising the environment or producing waste. Secondly, we took matters one step further and started using renewable energy at every stage of our stretch film production, thus significantly lowering our carbon footprint and carbon emissions. After restructuring our production procedures and diverting to renewable energy, we were able to proudly reduce our average production emissions more than anyone else in the industry. If you’re asking yourself how much lower, the answer is as low as 50%. No small feat for the leader of the wrapping film industry.

With zero quality compromises

Before committing to using green energy for manufacturing our 100% recyclable stretch films, we agreed that it would come without any compromises on the film’s final quality. We wanted our demanding customers to continue enjoying the same high standard film quality they have grown accustomed to throughout Megaplast’s long market presence.

Well, that’s exactly what we did.

Not only have our stretch films become extremely eco-friendly, but they are also more reliable. The Fiber Film high efficiency power pre-stretch film family of products requires 50% less material than competitive stretch films to wrap a pallet, thus reducing total costs, minimizing waste and ensuring a hassle-free and highly effective wrapping process.

Innovative stretchable films keep costs low

The film’s extreme durability also means that labor cost is reduced. How is that? It’s quite simple. While using Fiber Film, you will experience zero film breaks. This means you spend less time re-applying the film which, in turn, leads to reduced labor hours. Using Megaplast’s unique high efficiency stretch film immediately increases your overall savings!

Suitable for numerous uses

The practicality, ease and phenomenal tear resistance of the Megaplast stretch film are acknowledged by a wide variety of industries, including the very demanding food and FMCG sector. Fiber Film is applied to pallet wrapping of various load types; from hand wrapping to fully automatic wrapping machines. So, why not start enjoying Fiber Film’s comparative advantage that guarantees minimal costs and stable loads while also caring for the environment?

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