The Gamma Fiber Film


Megaplast’s Fiber Film is the reliable partner for your wrapper offering you numerous advantages such as load safety, waste reduction and great stability. 

Fiber Film Machine for machine applications is specifically designed for both Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machines and Power Pre-Stretch Wrappers. The grades of this product family not only offer exceptional load retention and superior pallet stability, but also low costs per pallet as well as film used. Moreover, it is eco-friendly & 100% recyclable! Fiber Film for Machine use has been ergonomically designed to exhibit consistent performance and optimum film stretching with low neck-in effect, satisfying the needs of every stage of the value chain. Fiber Film is lighter than other conventional stretch films meaning less material to wrap a pallet with less waste, less CO2 emissions but at the same time it offers high pallet stabilization and therefore cargo security. Furthermore, Fiber Film machine is unstoppable with no breaks during the whole wrapping process. A non-worry stretch film - your best choice for wrapping every kind of pallet load! 

It consists of four basic categories: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. To begin with, the Fiber Film Gamma category is specifically designed for Pre-stretch wrapping machines with pre-stretch ratio up to 250%. All grades of the Gamma family not only offer exceptional load retention and stability, but also significantly reduce cost per pallet as well as film used.  

The key advantages of Fiber Film Gamma that make it unrivalled in its category are the excellent load safety and its consistency performance. In addition, its superior holding force and its tear resistance make it an indispensable tool. It is environmentally friendly, as it is produced by energy from renewable resources. In addition, there are two more benefits that will upgrade your fiber film expectations: The incredible reduction of cost per pallet, that can reach up to 40% and the reduced CO2 footprint. 

The Fiber Film Gamma itself, consists of 3 basic product categories: Gamma-HD, Gamma-GB, and the Gamma-L. 

The Gamma-HD is the Goliath of Gamma series and it is the perfect stretch film for High Demanding (HD) applications. Its design makes it stronger than any other Fiber Film Gamma, with the ability to replace a stretch film of 23μm thickness or higher with a pre-stretch ratio of up to 250%. It is perfect for heavy load weight and mostly non-uniform and mixed pallet types. 

If, however, you require something for more general purposes and medium load weight per pallet- whether uniform or non-uniform pallet types- the Gamma-GP will suit you like a glove. It can easily replace a stretch film of 18μm to 22μm thickness with a pre-stretch ratio up to 240%.  

Finally, the Gamma-L Fiber Film is the lightest product of the Gamma family and it is designed to usually replace a stretch film of 17μm of thickness or less with a pre-stretch ratio up to 230%. It is perfect for uniform light load weight pallets! 

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