AirOFilm Stretch

AirOFilm Stretch




Product overview

Designed to perform in the most demanding environments, AirOFilm® Stretch is perfect for products wrapped on either semi or automatic wrapping machines that are fitted with power pre-stretching systems.

New improved formula

Every AirOFilm® Stretch product comes with increased cling so that it actually grips the loads that it is applied to, making them more stable than ever before. No other film offers the same level of performance.

Unique film structureAir-O-Film-Stretch

The supporting bands of other films can often work loose and become entangled in wrapping machine rollers, leading ultimately to mechanical failure. The unique construction of AirOFilm® Stretch ensures that it remains stable at all times.

Also, because the reinforcing strips are distributed evenly across the width of the film, the holding pressure is evenly displaced, thus preventing the load from being pinched and eventually damaged.

Less material - less waste

AirOFilm® Stretch offers the smallest weight per metre of any film of its type. As well as being fully recycleable, it provides one other important benefit to the environment - it has been designed to ensure that loads can be secured using less material. That means you need fewer wraps, use less plastic and therefore save more money.

High visibility

AirOFilm® Stretch is manufactured using the finest components, providing unrivalled clarity and pallet appearance.

Case Studies
AOF Stretch & Ethylene Oxide
AOF Stretch & Electron Beam
Datasheet For Air-O-Film Stretch (PDF, 3.2 Mb)