ECo Fiber Film


Our new ECO-friendly stretch film

In Megaplast we embedded Environmental Sustainability within our business by developing Eco Fiber Film.

Eco Fiber Film is a unique Εco-friendly & innovative stretch film of high performance that:


30% Recycled Raw
50% less CO2
emissions than
market average
at least 50% less
plastic waste
100% Recyclable


Eco Fiber Film is designed for machine use with stretching ratio up to 270% and is suitable for heavy pallet loads.


Additional Benefits

Zero breaks

Superior load safety
& Pallet stability

Tear & Puncture

Holding force



Eco Fiber Film supports the Megaplast ORO Concept as is a thick film with high Holding force and with few wraps/pallet (<20) can lead to High Productivity & Total Savings!


Eco Fiber Film targets at companies that:

Focus on commitment to environment
Demand for packaging with recycled content
Wish to reduce plastic waste based on EU directives
Invest in recyclability & sustainability
Eco Fiber Film is one more proof for our Environmental Consciousness!