AirOFilm Flowra Lite

AirOFilm Flowra Lite


Product overview

AirOFilm® Flowra was good before, carefully engineered to ensure that it was the best vented stretch film available. But now we've gone one step further and actually improved upon it. In AirOFilm® Flowra Lite we've created a vented stretch film that is the perfect solution for wrapping floricultural products.

Super Lite

We've made this version of Flowra our lightest yet, while retaining the same great performance. That means less effort, less material and less waste.

A Greener FilmAir-O-Film-Flowra-Lite

And because less plastic is needed, AirOFilm® Flowra Lite is that little bit kinder on the environment. Furthermore, the new Lite film is 100% recycleable and so it costs both you and your customers less when it comes to the end of the line.

User Friendly

Wrapping a rack with AirOFilm® Flowra Lite couldn't be easier. It offers a smooth, consistent application, is more elastic, less stiff and can be torn easily by hand.

Improved Inner Tack/Outer Slip

Ease of use when wrapping is critical and so we designed AirOFilm® Flowra Lite so that only the inner side has tack. The outside is now even smoother ensuring that racks can be loaded onto trucks and transported without any sticking to each other.

Sub-standard films lack cling. As a result, when the load arrives at it's destination the end will often work loose leaving a tail trailing behind the rack. Not only is this unsightly, it is also dangerous. AirOFilm® Flowra Lite prevents this by offering excellent cling performance.

Aeration and Protection

Plants and flowers are delicate things. They need to be carefully protected during transit. Our engineers carried out extensive tests to make sure that the openings in AirOFilm® Flowra Lite are just the right size; small enough to contain the load yet large enough to ensure the perfect amount of aeration.

Datasheet For Air-O-Film Flowra Lite (PDF, 4.4 Mb)