NEW AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+

AirOFilm Stretch Lite

A Breakthrough in vented stretch films: When downgauging meets performance

AirOFilm Stretch Lite


Product overview

The New AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+ is a stretchable vented stretch film for either fully automatic or semi-automatic wrapping machines with power pre-stretching systems of 150% and 200%. AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+ is a lightweight film delivering the right balance between downgauging and excellent performance. It is suitable for hot palletized goods like baked snacks, pasteurized products, breakfast cereals, pharmaceutical goods, pet foods, etc. as well as chilled or frozen products that require fast cooling after palletization, such as meat, fish, frozen snacks, etc.

Product Uniqueness and Differentiation: Wider film More benefits

New AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+ has been especially designed to provide bigger width than many of its competitors. Its 47-48cm width is a proof of that. Its unique property of reduced Neck-In effect up to 50% offers an outstanding result in performance as it holds its size during the whole wrapping process. So, the film remains wide after the stretching.

Furthermore, the large openings of AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+ provides maximum aeration so better protection of moisture or condensation issues. 

Unique film structure & designAirOFilm Stretch Lite

The New AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+ with its bigger width gives you the possibility to use up to 20% less wraps on the pallet whilst providing higher pallet stability & holding force. This means maximum strength and superior load containment.

Its unique design offers uniform distribution of aeration around the pallet providing a consistent performance.

Sustainability & Savings

We each have a role to play in making the world a better and more sustainable place. At Megaplast we take this responsibility very seriously and we are constantly searching for ways we can respect the environment.

The New AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+ is lighter in weight than competitors’ corresponding films which means less material used on the pallet, less plastic waste leading to fewer CO2 emissions, less energy and finally less costs!

New AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+ is also 100% Recyclable.

High visibility

Furthermore, AirOFilm® Stretch Lite+ is produced by the finest components providing unique clarity and pallet appearance.

Datasheet For Air-O-Film Stretch Lite+ (PDF, 4.8 Mb)