AirOFilm Stretch Lite

AirOFilm Strretch Lite




Product overview

AirOFilm® Stretch Lite is perfect for solving problems when there is a build up of condensation or moisture, such as hot palletized goods like baked snacks, pasteurised products, breakfast cereals, pharmaceutical goods, pet foods, etc.; chilled or frozen loads that require fast cooling after palletization, such as meat, fish, frozen snacks, etc.

Environmental responsibility

We each have a role to play in making the world a better and more sustainable place. At Megaplast we take this responsibility very seriously and as a result we are constantly looking at ways in which we can help the environment.

Downgauging - striking a balanceAir-O-Film-Stretch-Lite

Small savings can make a big difference when it comes to stretch film. Even a small reduction in the weight of a roll can have a tremendous impact on the operational efficiency. A lighter film means that less material is required and as a result less energy is used in production and transportation. However, a thinner film, does not necessarily mean a better film. When downgauging, a careful balance must be struck so that performance is maintained.

Same design and structure

AirOFilm® Stretch Lite is produced in the same way as regular AirOFilm® Stretch. It uses the same supporting bands which increase the holding force, distributing it across the entire load and ensuring a stable pallet.

No-hassle machine application

AiOFilm® Stretch Lite also performs the same and so is still perfect for products wrapped on either semi or automatic wrapping machines that are fitted with power pre-stretching systems.

High visibility

Furthermore, AirOFilm® Stretch Lite is manufactured using the finest components, providing unrivalled clarity and pallet appearance.

Datasheet For Air-O-Film Stretch Lite (PDF, 3.3 Mb)