Fiber Film


Fiber Film


Fiber Reinforced Stretch Films

No Breaks during Palletization - Worry Free Performance

Place it on your Wrapper & Forget it!

Fiber Film is a unique high-efficiency stretch film with reinforcement elements (fibers) as to increase Tear Resistance. This film combines not only high elongation, exceptional puncture resistance and excelent pallet stability but also is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of film used to wrap a pallet. Fiber Film is perfect choice of minimizing your cost per pallet leading to greater savings!

Fiber Film is applied to pallet wrapping of various load types and is suitable from hand wrapping to fully automatic wrapping machines. User friendly for manual use whilst adding more value to the highest performance stretch wrappers;also with perfect optics and 100% recyclability.


  • Minimize your Cost per Pallet up to 40% - Reduce your Film Used to wrap a pallet up to 60%
  • Excellent Pallet Stabilization - Superior Pallet Stability
  • Exceptional Load Retention - Optimum Holding Force 
  • Tear Resistant - High Stretchability (Elasticity)
  • Unique Novel & Egronomic Design
  • Waste Volume Reduction 
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Patent Protected

Fiber Film offers a comparative advantage by satisfying the customers’ needs and demands for a stable load with minimal cost!

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