Overall Resources Optimization

Overall Resources Optimization (ORO)


What is ORO?

ORO is the concept of Megaplast describing the benefits a company will have by using our films from many resources (energy, warehousing, cost per pallet, CO2, material waste, labor cost, plastic taxes, downtime and depreciation of machines) resulting in Total Savings & Increased Productivity.

ORO is all the actions that could be made in terms of using and optimizing our Fiber Films or AirOfilms for wrapping pallet loads as to result in:

Less plastic

Less warehouse space for

CO2 emissions

labor cost

Less stops on the machine & less time to change rolls
(due to zero breaks during palletization)

Fewer plastic


How is this possible?

As you know, in order to wrap a pallet, you don’t only need a stretch film, you need a lot more:

Warehouse space
Green taxes for plastic
A wrapping machine in good condition



With our ORO concept
  • we optimize our films on your pallet
  • we reduce the wraps and increase the holding force

and with Zero breaks guarantee during wrapping

  • we reduce your operational costs for wrapping a pallet
  • we increase your productivity



Reduce wraps // Increase holding force // Zero breaks


you will also help our planet to remain green for next generations’ wellbeing!